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Provide operators streamlined responsive space missions 

Our goal is to give operators a streamlined and care-free way to provide space missions on a responsive basis. Our services are of particular interest to providers of "ISAM" (In space servicing, assembly and manufacturing) and space mobility applications, but could easily be applicable to operators of in space data infrastructure, cis-lunar missions, constellations and other space missions.

Operations designed around responsive build and delivery

SpaceRig's infrastructure is designed around responsive build and delivery of reliable spacecraft. Our methods involve a collection of both well-tested and novel logistics techniques to streamline everything from the time a mission is ordered to the time it is mated to the launch vehicle. This relieves operators of the risk and expense of maintaining their own spacecraft production capability and lets them focus on being operators.

SpaceRig's focus is not on buses or missions. There are plenty of good operators coming up with valuable missions these days, and we want those operators to work with us to enable delivery of their missions. We have no need to get in the way of our customers.

As for buses, there are already many good buses, and there will be many others as time goes on. Our build services use a variety of mature bus designs, customer-specified bus designs, and SpaceRig-optimised bus designs. For certain customers, we also provide space vehicle design services. This is especially useful for unique component developers (such as thruster or payload builders) who want to start providing ISAM services.

Our mantras


Logistics is the practice of getting the right items delivered to the right place at the right time. Spacecraft manufacturing can't exist on its own - it has to consider where the vehicle is going and when it needs to get there. Spacecraft need to be built and delivered as if it has somewhere to go.

Supply Chain

Human wealth also starts with components, materials and technologies forged with capital, gumption and vision. Propulsion, structures, storage, power, optics and robotics will be just as critical to space as lithium batteries are to automobiles. Leading space development means investment in space systems that go farther, look closer and do more.

Space is big and the range of activities are wide. No one size fits all. We don't speak about 'buses', but we do speak about 'builds'. Advanced software and factory management means that it is possible now to focus more on the time and cost of the build and less on the specific design.


Meet the Founder

Ian Fichtenbaum

Founder & CEO

Ian Fichtenbaum is the Founder and CEO of SpaceRig, a spacecraft logistics company. Ian founded the company with a vision of future space vehicle needs and the imperative to bolster the supply and value chain that would enable that future.

Prior to founding SpaceRig, Ian was the CEO of Bradford Space, a global space infrastructure company. Bradford Space supplies propulsion systems, attitude and orbit control systems for commercial and government customers in North America, Europe and Asia. Ian led the assembly of the company through a series of acquisitions and the forging of an identity around space mobility and infrastructure.

Ian also served as Senior Vice President at a U.S.-owned privately held industrial group with holdings in North America, Europe and Asia. In his role, Ian sought the acquisition of non-core manufacturing operations of large corporates, with focus on space, satellite, aerospace and defense.

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